Open North Training Center - ONTraC

This is Open North's online learning portal. Here you can access courses, guides, and additional resources as part of your digital transformation learning journey. Whether you are just embarking on this path or are a seasoned hand, there are courses tailored to your level and interest!

You should already have received login information from your community administrator. Once you log in, you will receive access to the following:

Basic and Advanced open smart city courses

You will receive a certificate each time you complete a course, and as you take and complete more courses, you'll receive points as well!

Online Open Smart City Community

Access to a community of Open Smart City leaders where you can ask questions and engage with other participants and municipal staff

View your progress, get certified

A page to view your progress on the courses you have begun and download certificates for any completed courses

Get Started

To get started, sign up in and follow three simple steps:

  • Read the user guide and learn on how to navigate and make the most of the LMS.
  • Get your feet wet with the Fundamentals of Open Smart Cities course - the essential background that will help you understand the other courses.
  • Go to the Course Catalog and sign yourself up for any other courses you like!